Виселица 2: Новые уровни

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Виселица 2: Новые уровни
Информация об игре
Название игры: Виселица 2: Новые уровни
Описание: Умело используйте свой лук и стрелы, чтобы попасть в веревки и спасти невинных людей, которых повесили. (13 +)
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09.10.10, 16:24:10

level 52 is bugged!!!! when you need to shoot the 2 lowest "hangers" the auto arrow shoot just fires off into his head thus makin it impossible!!


09.10.10, 16:25:02

wow that was messed up i had two arrows left and i shotone at the dude so he started falling and i was shooting at the other guy but when i fire th guys body i shot before fell down and i hit falling body


12.10.10, 02:00:13

I did nor expected such a good game , maybe this is the best game i played last month ...highlly recommanded!!!!


15.10.10, 13:20:29

Interesting game... In any way there is no time to pass up to the end)))

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